As teased at the end of last week, Rovio has announced Angry Birds Star Wars II and it is bigger and more innovative than any of the former games in the franchise.

It won't be available until 19 September, but the developer and publisher has revealed that it will be based on the prequel Star Wars movies and feature a wider range of characters than in the first game: 30 in total. Plus, it will use a Skylanders-style mechanism to allow you to add collectible toys to your game.

Called Telepods, the small toys from Hasbro will be available separately and, if you place them on a portal device, you can add them to your smartphone or tablet version of the game.

Whether a certain character will be available though remains to be seen. "At this point we will not comment on rumours or speculation that Jar Jar Binks will be in the game," says Rovio.