A dad in America has built his son the coolest custom bed on the planet. And that planet is Dagobah.

Although we don't have any specific details on the recipient, one lucky kid now owns his own X-Wing fighter, which has been constructed as the canopy over his Star Wars-themed bedspread. And he can even sit in it to watch TV, as a flatscreen has been attached to the front, aping the view the pilot would get from the cockpit.

star wars x wing bed you won t find this at ikea image 6

We particularly like the Star Wars vista that's also been attached to the wall left and rear of the bed, while the inclusion of R2-D2 is a neat touch.

Sadly, we're not sure how long it took to build, or the cost (in sweat and money), but it's clearly less than the crowd-sourced full-scale Millennium Falcon that has already taken six years to get to a relatively basic stage. To be fair though, that is being built to be an exact replica, although we know which one we'd get most fun from.

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