Bladez Toys is expanding its popular line of Star Wars radio-controlled inflatable droids with the announcement of the R5-D4, as well as a new full-size R2-D2 model.

Bladez Toys caught our eye last year with the launch of the radio-controlled R2-D2, the hilarious little critter, skittering around the Toy Fair 2012. We've added the video of the original at the bottom of this story for your entertainment.

Now, when it comes to Star Wars geekery, R2-D2 is very much the mainstream droid: everyone knows him and everyone loves him. For those who want something different however, the R5-D4 is something of a niche offering.

R5-D4 is the "other" droid that the Jawas initially sell to Uncle Owen at the beginning of A New Hope, before failing and being exchanged for R2-D2. The backstory claims that R2 was behind the failure, having tinkered with R5 to ensure he could complete his mission from Princess Leia to reach Obe-Wan Kenobi.

The model we saw at the Toy Fair 2013 was very much a handmade prototype, as seen lurking at the back of the team photo above, although the retail packaging, below, was complete.

radio controlled star wars r5 d4 inflatable and full sized r2 d2 coming soon image 2

The R5-D4 stands 65cm tall, with a simple remote, allowing movement in all directions and if you knock him down, he'll bounce right back up again. R5-D4 will cost £39.99 when he launches. Let's just hope this one doesn't have a bad motivator.

Elsewhere, Bladez Toys has revealed that it will be producing a full-sized R2-D2 radio controlled inflatable toy. This model is built on a 1:1 scale, standing 96cm tall. There's no word on pricing and there was no prototype to view on the Bladez Toys stand, but it's said to come with sound effects and feature an interchangeable body, so you could swap it with another design in the future.

In addition, there's Minion from Despicable Me (or the forthcoming Despicable Me 2), which again, is at prototype stage, and the ever lovable Android.