It's amazing what you can do with an old toy and a computer that costs less than £50. As a birthday present for his girlfriend, Chinese Star Wars fan greensheller built a working R2-D2 robot using just an old, broken interactive toy version of the movie droid, a Raspberry Pi running Raspian software and some bits and bobs he bought online.

The end result is nothing short of remarkable, we're sure you'll agree. It responds to voice control in both English and Chinese, has face recognition functionality, motion detection, ultrasonic distance detection to allow it to move around without bumping into things, and Wi-Fi - presumably for remote-control capabilities.

It is also capable of recording and playing back audio messages. It's not quite the holographic feature of the film star, but close enough.

There's sound playback and TTS on board and the whole thing is powered with a rechargeable battery. Quite simply superb. Let's hope his girlfriend likes Star Wars.

"I'm so excited to unwrap my birthday present. Did you manage to get the Mulberry handbag I asked for?"

"Well, not exactly dear. Remember how you once said that you saw Star Wars when you were a kid?"