There's a fair few Star Wars adverts around at the minute, from the rather odd The Dog Strikes Back, this years Volkswagon Super Bowl spot, to Yoda poncing about in the UK Vodafone adverts. However, none of them holds a candle to this, an advert for Toys R Us in Denmark.

Made by the same indie movie-maker as Death Star over San Francisco, an internet sensation in 2008, Death Star over Copenhagen has much higher production values and more of a resolution (in ending and pixel terms).

However, that's not good enough for some. YouTube commenters can be a funny bunch at the best of times, but some of those posted under the hosting page for this vid are priceless:

"FAKE! That Tie Fighter was traveling faster than the speed of sound therefore you wouldn't have heard� until it flew over you," posts LetTheMelodyFlow, as if they have found out a secret that nobody else realised.

"The digital FX artists should take some basic astronomy classes," says sth128. "In order for the Death Star to appear that big in the sky, it would be operating at such low orbits that it would visibly move across the view in the given time frame. Also, the tidal forces from such proximity would no doubt be felt at that distance.

"Lastly, Vader doesn't travel on the Death Star! He� has his own pimped out super star destroyer! Go watch Return of the Jedi again," he adds, languishing in the illusion that Star Wars is real.

If that was the case, Ewoks wouldn't have join lines under necks... Unless the Ewoks were actually little creatures that wear small teddy bear outfits, like the Daleks are really blobs inside metal shells. Now, there's a thought.