Just when you thought that you'd seen all the useless tat - sorry, we mean official memorabilia - that Lucasfilm could possibly muster up to fully milk the cashcow that is Star Wars dry, it comes up with another unrelated product with absolutely no ties to the movie series whatsoever for fans to splash their hard earned money on.

But we have to say there's a hint of genius to the ThinkGeek Star Wars Breakfast Beverages; which is a set of three hot-drinks including Vader Dark Roast Coffee, Hoth Cocoa and Yoda Dagobah Green Tea.

Sure, we don't remember Lord Vader knocking back a latte in any of the films, and we're confident that Yoda would be more of a camomile tea man, but there's something ridiculously awesome about the range. Maybe it's the thought of being able to dunk in the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar, that's also on offer.

"Star Wars is a passion of ours," said Ty Liotta, head of ThinkGeek's GeekLabs custom products development group. "Because we're huge fans, we're very serious about delivering top quality designs that delight our customers. The latest products are a reflection of our commitment to quality and fun."

And commitment to keeping uncle George's wallet bulging for a few more years no doubt too.

Out now, the set of three will set you back $29.99, the Han Solo chocolate bar is $11.99.