We have long been the proponents of the theory that a lightsabre, introduced into pretty much any scenario, is a sure fire winner. And this video certainly proves the point... well, as far as the lightsabre/squirrel combo goes anyway.

Handing out lightsabres willy nilly to any old squirrel would clearly be highly irresponsible, and fortunately it turns out that the squirrel involved in this clip was in fact fully trained in the Jedi arts - otherwise it could have been very messy indeed.

What we would like to see, in the UK at least, is some intense Jedi training to be given to our native red squirrels; as arming them against their grey counterparts may just be the thing to stop the Red's increasing demise. It could be a whole new take on the Rebel Alliance vs Empire scenario, just with fewer space battles.

Thanks Matthew - @mcaldecutt