We've all been there, confronted by a brigade of angry Tusken Raiders or cornered by a grumpy bounty hunter demanding that extra bit of cash.

Thankfully Pocket-lint has come up with a crash course in Star Wars languages to get you through situations where even a Jedi mind trick would fail. Say you are about to set out on an adventure throughout the Galaxy... well you are going to want to learn these phrases; even if you're just about to boot up the new Star Wars Blu-ray, either way follow this guide and you will be shouting ootini like a proper Jawa in no time. 

What to do if you run into Jabba the Hut

Huttese is a common language and used by plenty of people throughout the universe. It's most often heard on places like Tattoine and other less friendly corners of the Hut's empire. Even the massively famous Max Rebo Band communicate and sing in Huttese.

Other than Galactic Basic, Huttese is the most common spoken language out there so you're going to want to pick a few phrases up if you plan on venturing out from the safety of Rebel space. You could opt for the slightly easy route and head to the Baobab school of speed learning or, if you are even lazier, stick these few phrases into your brain to keep things running smoothly when you bump into a grumpy Hut.

Useful phrases

Achute, my pee kasa ---- - Hello my name is ----

Chuba doompa, dopa-maskey kung! You low-down, two-faced scum!

U kulle rah doe kankee kung You are my kind of scum

Ees hoppada nopa! - I'm not going to pay that!

Va foppa gee wontahumpa? -Does that come with a warranty?

Dopa na rocka rocka? -Does this cause brain damage?

Meecooda joggdu stafa do tah poda - I could run faster than your pod

Huttese in action

Listen for:

Keel-ee calleya ku kah - You disappoint me

Koose cheekta nei, -Bring her to me

Shag youngee, - Slave girl

How to outsmart a bounty hunter

Pesky bounty hunters, always ignoring the whole light and dark side balance of the force and generally arriving right when you don't want them to. Thankfully, most bounty hunters are massively dumb, meaning a few choice words or perhaps even making the decision to shoot first (Han Solo, we're looking at you), can result in a quick and easy victory.

Every bounty hunter has a price and most will lay off your back if you can convince them to look for trouble elsewhere. It's all about negotiation. Problem is that bounty hunters can come from just about every corner of the Galaxy, so you are going to want to rely on Galactic Basic as a language in order to communicate. It's easy to learn as it is conveniently, just about, identical to English. Writing it, however, is a different matter altogether. So here are a few Aurebesh (the common writing system) words scribbled down in case you fancy sending a Bounty Hunter an email before he arrives and starts asking difficult questions. 

Hello how are you? 

How much are they paying you? 

I'll pay you double...

I too have a thermal detonator

Carbonite gets it right but a blaster is faster

Aurebesh in action

Watch out for:

The screen on the Death Star II controls reads total gibberish if attempted to translate. This is prior to proper understanding of the Aurebesh writing system. 

Droid misbehaving? Try this

It isn't often that droids get up to mischief. Most prefer to do as they're told and help out wherever possible. Things can go wrong, though. Wires can get crossed and circuits fried. Given the entire Galactic population is now about half that of the number of droids in existence, learning a bit of binary can help keep you up to speed on how your bot is feeling. 

It tends to be protocol droids in charge of human/machine relations that cause problems, particularly those fluent in over 6 million methods of communication. If, for some reason, they should begin to misbehave, try these different noises and phrases out. We understand not everyone has vocal chords capable of producing binary, so give this translator a go if you are facing problems. 

Turn off the power!!! A single one second falling note beep.

Stop! Two note chirp while holding up hand with your palm open

Emergency!!! A long siren noise

Leave me alone, I will do it myself Keep making the noise 'ank' and slap the droid until it leaves.

Binary in action

Listen for:

Woooooooooooooo - I'm scared

How to persuade your Wookie to let you give him a shave

Wookies are the most faithful of intergalactic pals and perfect to take with you on any Galaxy-saving adventures. The downside is that they frequently misbehave and, at times, their hair can prove seriously problematic on the hoovering front not to mention the odour.

Behaviour is an easy one, you simply need to look them straight in the eye and let them know who's boss. A trim of the coat, however, is not so straightforward. Wookies seriously don't like having their manes clipped, so you need to select some choice phrases in order to keep your furry friend in trim. 

Wookies speak Shyriiwook - a language deliberately complex in structure in order to restrict it to their own species. It involves different pitched screams and howls in order to get the message across, and whilst it might seem very straightforward and simple, actually it has almost infinite depth. Making the actual noise itself isn't particularly easy, so why not try out this straightforward instructional video.

I'm not happy about this situation. RRRrrruurgh! Arrggg!

How do you give your fur that shine? - Yaag ruggwah maw huah huah?

Who was that Wookiee I saw you with last night? Wugaga hu uwamma Woohiee wa-ah?

I already have a suction droid. - Mu ah waa gaa a yukshin oid.

I am a friend. - Ruh gwyaaaag.

I think my arm has been pulled out of the socket. - Wua ga ma uma ahuma ooma.

Shyriwook in action

Listen for:

Awaaaa - Go!!!

Ur oh - Thanks 

Wwrcahwowhwa - Friend

Enjoy Star Wars? Tried the Blu-ray yet? Know any better phrases?