Star Wars fans need not be jealous that Pocket-lint has got eyes-on with some clips from the Blu-ray release of the classic saga already. Star Wars fans packing an Apple device that is.

And that's because Lucasfilm has announced that a free app for the iPhone and iPad will hit the App Store on 20 July that gives a "sneak peak at the 40+ hours of bonus footage on the Blu-ray collection".

The Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access App will show some highlights from the bonus material featured on the Blu-ray collection and will be the first place to see some of the never-before-seen content from George's vast archives.

From looking at the screenshots it seems that there will be some community aspects to the app as well, as well as a link to pre-order the collection.

The app will also be on show at geek's Mecca, otherwise known as Comic-Con, in San Diego this week - along with further Blu-ray clips.

After seeing some clips first hand it's clear to us that Lucasfilm has done an awesome job with the Blu-ray transfer and 12 September is rapidly becoming a landmark date.