With the weather we have in the UK, a barbecue is generally an occasion for dads to stand around in a light drizzle in the back yard prodding barely lit charcoal, while the family cowers around under an awning wondering whether to eat a badly scorched chipolata or write with it. However, with the glorious sunshine in the States, it's an altogether different thing. They're very proud of their barbecues over there.

And that includes the actual cooking machines themselves. Take the the 55 gallon Ugly Drum Smoker, for example, it's a mighty meat massacring cylinder that generally lives up to its prefix quite nicely. It's a brilliant way to char chicken wings, but won't exactly light up the aesthetics of your garden.

Unless you give it a paint job that is. And that's exactly what Star Wars fan and webmaster of TheForce.Net and Rebelscum.com, Philip Wise, did by converting his UDS into the spitting image of R2-D2.

Of course, it's more likely to singe a sausage than play back messages from the Rebel Alliance, but you get the idea. At least it won't befriend any patwa-spouting Gungans anytime soon.

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