It's a Simon Pegg-a-thon in Pocket-lint Towers at the moment. Our Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo box is happily and suggestively recording episodes of Spaced, currently being repeated on More4; we recently watched Hot Fuzz on HD-DVD (no, really); and we've even had a good root through his bins - although, if the police ask, we were round yours, ok?

Messrs Pegg and Frost are two of the finest and funniest British comedy actors since Cannon and Ball in The Boys in Blue. They are true masters of their craft, more so than even, perhaps, Little and Large, and we love everything they do. Even Hippies and that weird thing adapted from a Martin Amis novel. Almost.

So imagine our joy when we found out that they've reshot our favourite movie of all time (after Big Momma's House), Star Wars, for College Humor. Well, one scene of it anyway.


Although not too much - restraining orders are hell to get lifted.