There's a fervent fan base for the original Star Wars that no other film, TV show or Cupertino-based company could possibly match. No matter how many science fiction extravaganzas there's been since, A New Hope is held in high regard, even by those who have no interest in the genre.

So Pocket-lint is always on the look out for cool Star Wars-related action, whether it be home-made movies starring Lego characters, Adidas themed trainers, or adverts starring David Beckham. However, none of these hold a candle to the extraordinary project undertaken by the team behind Star Wars Uncut.

The site's crew cut the original movie into 15 second chunks and invited visitors to reshoot each specific section any way they see fit; animation, computer graphics, amateur dramatics, anything goes. Then Star Wars Uncut is reassembling the entire film, just using the submitted clips. It is both insane and genius in equal measure, and we love it!

Unfortunately, legal issues are currently stopping the team putting the entire movie up for online streaming or download, but for now, you can see the best bits and clips. It is hilarious.

So head on over to and prepare for more than a few minutes of incessant giggles.