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(Pocket-lint) - May the fourth has seen the launch of the Star Wars satnav voices at TomTom and, as of now, you can download Darth Vader to help you get from A to B for £7.95. We also know that the company has licensed the vocal chords of Yoda, Han Solo and C3PO, but here's 10 more that we reckon TomTom might also have been considering.

Admiral Ackbar - Not too difficult to understand but has a tendency to scream that it's a trap and to retreat when half way down the motorway to see your parents-in-law.

Luke - You tell your satnav you want to go to Birmingham for a conference, it whinges back that it wants to go to Blackpool and park at the pleasure beach. It can waste time with its friends later on.

Jar Jar Binks - All very well and good to have a fun voice for the kids but guaranteed you'll have put your fist through the thing by the first roundabout. "Is the people gonna take the next exit?"

Chewbacca - One of the best co-pilots in the galaxy, but sadly completely useless on the A-Roads of Great Britain. Could be something to do with not having the vocal chords to speak English or just being a large, surly walking carpet.

Boba Fett - Doesn't help with directions at all. Just looks mean and tries to sell you and your car in at all opportunities.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Full of knowledge but keeps pulling Jedi mind tricks on you. "You don't need to turn left here. This isn't the junction you're looking for."

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Uncle Owen/Aunt Beru - You download the software, get to use it for a couple of junctions and then come back to the car to find a charred mess that you didn't really have enough time to get attached to really care about.

Princess Leia - Gets stroppy as soon as you start keying in the instructions of where you want to go and how you want to get there. Sarcasm greets every turn.

Emperor Palpatine - Issues lots of sub-conscious suggestions between instructions about turnings that the more sinister part of you really wants to take. Beware of the path it attempts to lead you down. When you refuse to bend to its more subtle ways, expect bolts of purple electricity to leap out of the satnav.

Watto - Classic voice you love to hate turned into a satnav. Will try to make bets with you on loaded chance cubes until you've managed to enslave yourself, your car, your kids and the shopping to a piece of software.

If you can think of any more. Let us know below.

Writing by Dan Sung.