Spotify might be finding it tough to shift subscriptions, because the music streaming service is already offering a discount on the £10 per month cost of stripping out ads and getting access to the mobile apps.

The Swedish company sent out an email offering its subscribers a limited-time chance to get a quid off the monthly cost for six months "thanks to our good friends over at Swiftcover". Swiftcover has been heavily advertising on Spotify, so it looks like this is some kind of sponsorship deal.

We're also hearing rumblings that some other customers are being offered even greater discounts from Swiftcover, so we've contacted Spotify for verification of exactly what's going on. We'll update this post when we hear more.

Either way, between this deal (which apparently only lasts until 2 November, so get in there quick - it can be applied to existing accounts) and phone network 3 offering HTC Hero handsets bundled with a free 2-year subscription, it's cheaper than ever to get Spotify in higher quality, without ads and onto your mobile phone.

UPDATE: We've successfully verified the existence of £5, £8 and £9 subscription deals, all from Swiftcover. Spotify has also confirmed that this is a sponsorship deal, so get your hands on a code if you can find one.

We're trying to establish the reason for all the different price points - perhaps it's research for a subscription price cut in the future, now that Spotify is facing competition from Napster and Sky Songs?