Following the news that in Sweden, music streaming service du jour Spotify is to team up with operator Telia on mobile phones and more, more info on the hardware we can expect has now been revealed.

The work-in-progress dedicated Spotify phone revealed to Pocket-lint by Telia's head of mobility services, Erik Hallberg, is to be produced by Hutchison-Whampoa-owned INQ.

So reports TechCrunch, stating "a source with knowledge of the deal tells us that London, UK based INQ is developing the Spotify-branded phone".

INQ is developing the Spotify-branded phone".

It's a logical step - INQ already makes handsets tailored to various Web 2.0 services, with its "Facebook phone", Skype phones and now a Twitter handset from the company that prides itself on integrating such services into phones.

Although a Telia launch seems logical as a first step, "the phone is in the design stage right now, and there are plans, we're told, to roll it out to all markets via partnerships with various carriers", says TechCrunch.

Here in the UK, INQ's press office has no comment on the news.