A few statistics have emerged about the growth of Spotify in the UK over the first 6 months of this year. They're from a presentation that the company gave in Edinburgh jointly with PRS For Music and represent the time period from the end of January to the end of July.

At the end of July, Spotify had 2.7 million users in the UK. More were male than female, and interestingly half of them were over 30. The biggest single age group, though, was 20- to 29-year-olds - a full 1.1 million of them, representing 40.7% of the total userbase.

More than 4 million tracks were available to stream over the time period, of which 3 million were accessed - indicating that the "long tail" (a statistical term referring to people seeking out more obscure content) is alive and well on the service. Over a billion streams were served over the time period.

Impressive numbers, but can Napster's £5-per-month streaming option whip the rug out from under the company? Time will tell.