Spotify has submitted a revised version of its iPhone application to Apple which contains a few small updates. There's some bug fixes - Spotify says that the "general stability" of the app is improved - and there's also a couple of new features.

Firstly, the app will now pause when you take your headphones out - so if you accidentally jerk your buds out by mistake then you won't miss a second of music. Also, Spotify says the app will now work better on slower connections - useful if 3G coverage is a little patchy in your area.

It doesn't add the much-requested scrobbling functionality, or the ability to see popularity of tracks or get access to the desktop version's radio function. Nor does it allow users to play music in the background - something that Apple has reserved for its own applications on the handset only.

As the app has only just been submitted, it should take a few weeks for it to appear on your handset, but sit tight - the company says " we wanted to let everyone know that it's on the way".