Streaming music service Spotify, which recently launched mobile applications for the Android and iPhone platforms, has been forced to go back to invite-only status thanks to the vast amounts of new people accessing the service.

In a blog post, the company said: "Due to the huge demand in the UK over the last few days since we launched our mobile service, we are going to have to temporarily reinstate our invite system in the UK. We are invite-only in all our other launch countries but we hope to be able to remove the need for an invite again very soon".

If you want to get in and you haven't got an invite code, then you've got a few options. Firstly, we've got a few invites lying around from back when the service was originally invite-only - drop your email address in a comment below, and we'll dole them out first-come, first-served.

Alternatively, if you know someone with a Spotify account already, then they've got a few invites that they can hand out. If all else fails, then registering for Premium will give you full access instantly, complete with higher bitrate, mobile access, and no adverts, along with a few invites that you can send to your friends.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the company appears to have fixed the old trick where going directly to the registration page allows you to skip the need for an invite. We suspect that Spotify's currently scrambling to get more servers online to cope with the increased demand.

We'll keep you updated with the status of Spotify's registration system.