In the last few days, Spotify has quietly upped its annual subscriber price, from £99.99 to £119.88. Now it matches the cost of subscribing monthly, which is £9.99 every month.

We inquired with the company as to the reason behind the move, and were told that the £100 deal was a limited-time special offer. Not much exciting there. However, that was followed by the statement:

"For a universal jukebox, and with even more special features we're looking to roll out for Premium members over the next few weeks, this will prove to be great value".

We wonder what those special features could be. We already know that the iPhone app is on the way, though we reckon that only Apple knows when that'll eventually arrive. Could we see some form of official playlist database for premium subscribers? Or perhaps offline access will be rolled out to the desktop app?

Anything's possible. We'll keep you informed.