British free music streaming service We7 has announced that its broken the 2 million users mark over the last month.

Interestingly, although the site matches up-start rival Spotify's million users as far as actual We7 site users go, that second mill is made up of users through We7's "play anywhere" strategy.

This allows music to be shared online via emails, blogs, social networking sites and media partners, including NME, The Sun, The Mirror,, without the need for software installation.

"Going through these growth barriers is an outstanding reflection of the quality of the We7 service and the desire by the consumer to access and share good music in a legal way", Steve Purdham, CEO of We7 says.

"One of the most exciting developments is that consumer engagement is outstanding with average visit time to being over 30 minutes which provides an outstanding framework for brands to engage and interact with our audience".