Music streaming service Spotify has launched an update to its software client that improves the playlist interface, adding the title, author, length, number of tracks and an icon indicating whether or not it's editable by the user.

On top of that, Pocket-lint can reveal that more payment options for Spotify's premium offering will soon be added to the meagre choice currently available. The company told us that the existing Mastercard and Visa options will be supplemented with "more payment options available within the next few months".

The latter may help to increase the takeup of the Premium service, which removes ads at the cost of £10 a month. A premium subscription also offers exclusive access to pre-release content and the recently-revealed enhanced audio stream quality.

Some have criticised Spotify for not doing enough to attract users to its premium offering, but the company says that it's planning mobile offerings and other perks that may encourage users to subscribe. Time will tell if it's doing enough.