Spotify is preparing a push for its premium, paid-for service to try and persuade consumers - who can currently access an ad-supported version of the service for free - to fork out the £10 a month subscription fee.

The company is currently prepping a "range of value-added services" rather than just the advertising-free experience and some exclusive content that subscribers get now.

The music streaming service has a potential market in the UK alone of over 1 million consumers who have signed up for free accounts.

The NMA reports extras such as mobile and living-room access, higher quality streams, bundled downloads, recommendations, ticketing and social features which are all possible value add-ons the service could introduce.

Spotify's UK MD Paul Brown told the media publication the company realised Spotify premium has to offer more than just no adverts.

"The idea is to have a service with more features and functionality that will draw people in", Brown said.

"The way I see it happening for us is to create value by being a hub that has great channels, great things to do and a great music listening experience across lots of different platforms".

Brown is quoted as saying a "rich" collection of premium services are set to be ramped up over the next few months.

We will keep you posted.