Arguably one of Spotify's best features is the way you can right-click a track, album, artist or playlist and share it with others using a weblink. But the HTML pages that result are a little bit ugly, not providing much info about what you're going to.

Well an enterprising hacker named Andy Smith has devised a way to make those pages better. Using the spreadsheets that Spotify's been publishing since February of its new releases, he's created a database that turns the ID number into a band name and record title.

It then searches various free services for album artwork, and adds that to the page too, along with a link to share the album (complete with cover art and proper title) to your Facebook profile.

To use the service, whenever you get a Spotify link out, replace with There's also a bookmarklet available on the Spotibot site that'll do the job for you.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing Spotify still doesn't let developers interact very much with its servers. As a result, all the info is culled from the spreadsheets and wider Internet, and so it doesn't work for any albums added to Spotify before Feb '09, when the company started using the spreadsheets.

Meanwhile, Spotify itself has issued an update to the application which lets users search for content by its record label. Simply type "label:whatever" into the search box, and any bands on that label will come up.