Start-up Spotify has denied it has ambitious plans to extend its reach in the music market, by rivalling giants such as iTunes, Napster and Nokia.

That Spotify was planning to launch an "unlimited music download service" for £9.99 per month was reported by Revolution magazine.

Spotify has told Pocket-lint the rumour is "100% untrue", with a spokesperson telling us:

"Spotify's core aim is to provide a user-friendly music streaming service with the added flexibility of offering paid-for downloads in partnership with our external partners. That is not set to change".

Further rumours see a Spotify mobile service being prepped for launch in the UK this summer with possible bundled handset deals talked up.

Daniel Ek, Spotify's chief executive, apparently told Revolution that the company is in talks with mobile network operators and handset manufacturers about bundling the service in order to rival Nokia's similar "Comes with Music" handsets.