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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has announced that it is adding a new and improved home screen which includes discovery feeds for both music and podcasts. 

When the update rolls out Spotify says that users will see two new feeds at the top of the home screen. Those will include "music" and "podcasts & shows". 

These feeds are designed to allow you to scroll through and discover more content. Naturally, the feeds are customised according to your personal taste, so you'll see new album and playlist recommendations for music and personalised podcast suggestions too. 


It looks like the home screen isn't changing too significantly though. You'll still be able to click back out of two feeds back to the usual view of your playlists, library and recommendations. 

Spotify is keen to encourage more discovery for its users. In the official blog post the company said:

"Spotify’s Home is a go-to spot to find new recommendations and revisit recent favourites. And with an upcoming update to Home, users will get a gateway to great content they will love—from tried-and-true playlists to new artists and thought-provoking podcasts. "

The company says that the update is rolling out to Android smartphones this week and will be available on iOS "soon". 

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Writing by Adrian Willings.
  • Source: Spotify’s New Home Feeds Make Discovering Your New Favorites Easy - newsroom.spotify.com
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