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(Pocket-lint) - Dance fans rejoice: Spotify has introduced DJ Mixes, a place on the platform where artists can upload mixed music, not just playlists, for fans to stream.

The 29 September 2021 launch features promotional mixes from Noisia, MOTi, Shingo Nakamara, Adam Beyer, and AmyElle.

At launch only those in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand will be able to access the DJ Mixes microsite.

However, there's seemingly a bug with seamless playback - as gapless doesn't provide a completely fluid transition - so here's hoping that gets fixed pronto.

Of course it's not the first time DJ mixes have made it onto Spotify: there have been plenty of examples of continuous mixes from older CD albums featuring on the platform, or via podcasts, but rarely in a track-by-track format.

Many will have noticed that continuous mixes from more recent years - say those on dance label compilation albums - have failed to be uploaded to Spotify, so this new DJ Mixes feature could provide labels with a way to distribute such content.

While we're excited about the prospect of DJ Mixes and what this can deliver to dance music fans, it does also raise questions. Does this change Spotify's payments model - do artists, labels and DJs share a mix of revenue? Is the phased rollout due to testing, with more countries to come, or is this related to a label sign-off issue? Is there a vetting process for DJ Mix uploads to prevent unreleased/uncleared tracks sneaking into a mix? - an issue that Beatport had with its (since long-gone) mix downloads area.

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We've reached out to Spotify to query these points. In the meantime, however, slap on a bit of Shingo Nakamara to make your workday all the more upbeat. Everyday's a Friday.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 30 September 2021.