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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has announced that its app for younger listeners, Spotify Kids, is getting a little more sophisticated, with the addition of Shared Playlists, to let parents more easily share what their kids are listening to, and create playlists for them to enjoy.

It basically lets your kids have a pass to listen to stuff that might not otherwise be on Spotify Kids' roster of pre-approved child-friendly audio, but with you, the parent, positioned as the bouncer to approve what gets in. 

Spotify's explanation of why it's adding the feature is basically that it'll make it easier for parents to share their greatest musical passions with their kids, without relying on Spotify happening to have approved given albums for younger listeners. 

The process is simple - on your family account, create a playlist as you normally would. Then, on your kid's Spotify Kids app, access the PIN-protected section of the app, and select whichever playlists you want them to be able to access. Confirm your choice on the pop-up and you're away.

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It's a great little addition to Spotify Kids, which launched back in 2019 but has been getting slowly fleshed out since then. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
  • Via: Spotify Kids now supports shared playlists, letting parents control the music - theverge.com
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