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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has announced that it is now rolling out data on top and trending podcasts which should make it easier to find popular podcasts to listen to.

The aptly named Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts charts promise to highlight the "latest and greatest" podcasts that people are enjoying and you should too. 

These charts will show the most popular podcasts in your region based on the number of people listening to them.

In some countries, this podcast data is said to be even more granular, with the top podcasts also being separated by category as well. So if you're in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Austalia, Germany, Mexico or Sweden then you should be able to find the most popular podcasts in your favourite genre with ease. 

Otherwise, the main podcast charts, which are said to be available in 26 regions, will display the top 200 podcasts with trending charts showing off the top 50 rapidly rising podcast shows. 

To find the podcast charts, click to browse podcasts within the app and you should see the different charts there.

If you're a podcaster, you'll also be pleased to hear that Spotify for Podcasters is also getting an upgrade. If your podcast starts doing the business then you'll be notified via the dashboard, with information on where you are in the charts, what region you're performing well in and with the ability to share your success too. 

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Writing by Adrian Willings.