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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify Duo is a new subscription debuting on Spotify - designed for couples, it's a halfway house between a single Premium subscription and Spotify Family. 

The plan is clearly designed to encourage couples to upgrade and enjoy more freedom instead of muddling through by sharing one Premium account. Or it could be for one parent and one child or even two siblings, too. 

Both people theoretically need to live at the same address, but Duo accounts do have separate logins so really it could be someone that lives elsewhere provided the billing addresses are the same.

The new subscription costs $12.99/£12.99 so sits right in the middle of the two as well. It's available from today in 55 countries including the US and UK.

For couples who struggle to listen to the same music together due to varied tastes (particularly in the car!) there's a specific auto-generated Duo Mix playlist that's a combination of the two people's listening. 

Users who haven’t tried Premium before can get the first month of Premium Duo for free, but if you already have Premium you can't get the free month. You can, however, easily upgrade. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.