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(Pocket-lint) - The Spotify Kids app, first released last October, is adding two new features that provide parents with more control over their kids' accounts.

Parents can now access their child’s listening history, and they can even block content. To access these new settings in Spotify Kids, go to the “Grown Ups” section, and then select which child’s account history you want to view. You'll be able to see their full listening history in this area, including every song streamed in the app over the past three months.

From this same area, you can select songs to block. Just tap the block icon next to the track. You'll have to do this for each child's account, if desired. You can unblock a song at any time by from listening history or from the blocked tracks section (tap the red icon next to each track).

The Spotify Kids app is also expanding to Japan and Germany, making it available in 14 markets. It includes 8,000 songs, stories, audiobooks, and sounds in more than 125 playlists. At launch, seven months ago, it had 6,000 tracks. The app is just for children, ages three and up. It has been released for iOS and Android and is available with Premium Family plans.

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