Spotify has updated its app to personalise your experience and give you easier access to the music and podcasts you love.

The company has updated the look and feel of its app on mobile and tablet, making the home screen more user-friendly. The idea is to create a personalised and convenient listening experience. 

The content on the homepage is now set to change throughout the day based on the way you listen. Open the app and you'll be "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon" or "Good Evening," depending on the time of day and a layout to reflect your listening habits. 

Now the app will have familiar favourites at the top of the home screen for easy access, with six recommendations on albums, playlists or podcasts you're likely to listen to at that time of day. 

Below those six, you'll also find the recommended/discovery content including the "made for you" and discovery playlists to help broaden your listening.  

This update is the latest in a long line of things Spotify is doing to improve your favourite music app. Alongside redesigns, the company is also trying to improve your experience with voice activation and possibly planning to help you find new tunes based on your friend's listening tastes.

The updated home screen design is rolling out to all users, so as long as you have at least 30 days of listening history, you should see it soon.