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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify already offers Premium and Family monthly subscriptions to its music streaming service - at £9.99/€9.99 for a solo listener and £14.99/€14.99 for five under the same roof, respectively - but what if you're a couple without kids or a couple of buddies wanting a better deal? That's where Spotify Duo comes into play.

Currently in testing phase in some regions, Ireland being one such country, Duo is designed to offer two Premium subscription accounts for those living at the same address. Priced at €12.49 - making it approximately a 38 per cent discount compared to purchasing two individual Premium subs - the service operates as two accounts, with individual sign-ins, passwords and playlists.

While both parties will get all the perks of a solo Premium account, Duo is designed to mix up your music tastes if you want. A feature called Duo Mix pulls in tracks that you both like, you can share existing or new libraries between each another, while Duo Hub acts as a control base to handle such settings.

So does Spotify Duo make sense? If you're two people living together - that's a stipulation of sign-up - who already have Premium accounts then, yes, of course the cut price option is better. However, we know plenty of people who sign-up to Family accounts and share the goods among five individuals, as Spotify's 'listen anywhere' policy can't differentiate between genuine family member and not based on location. If you're a student, however, then stick with the £4.99/€4.99 monthly subscription discount already available.

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There's no word as to whether Spotify Duo will roll out beyond its pilot markets, but we hope it does as it'd be a welcome addition to some Pocket-lint staffers' households in the UK.

Writing by Mike Lowe.