(Pocket-lint) - Spotify is reportedly testing a new blocking feature. But it might be limited to iOS users when it launches.

According to The Verge, the popular streaming service is "getting ready" to enable a new block feature so that its users can easily mute artists. Spotify is currently testing the feature, dubbed the “don’t play this artist” feature, in its iOS app. The block feature literally lets you block an artist from playing, so that songs from the artist will no longer play from a library, playlist, chart list, or radio station.

Thurrott, which first noticed the feature, pointed out that Spotify has been considering the feature since 2017, though it at one point decided against rolling it out. Now, however, Spotify appears to have changed its mind. The upcoming block feature will work on all songs by an individual artist, but not tracks in which the artist is featured. So, if you block Ariana Grande, you'll still hear her featured in Mac Miller's My Favourite Part, for instance.

Thurrott also noted that it had access to the feature via Spotify’s beta program on iOS. If you want to try the feature out for yourself, we suggest joining Spotify's beta to see if it's still available. To sign up, just click this link. Spotify said there is a limit to the number of beta users it can have at any time on iOS, so if the program is full now, try again later. For more information on the beta, go here.

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There's no word on when Spotify's block feature will be available for all iOS users, let alone Android users and desktop and web users.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.