(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has a new feature that aims to make listening to music safer while driving.

Using your phone while driving is a well-known problem, with many reported car accidents, so most countries have imposed laws designed to curb the behaviour. One of the biggest drivers (pun intended) behind this is music, because, let's be real, smartphones have killed the radio star. Spotify is consequently trying to help, with the rollout of a new feature called Car View. Unfortunately for iOS users, it's only available for Android users.

The feature automatically enables itself when it detects a connection to your car’s Bluetooth. It can also be turned on in settings should your phone not immediately enable it. It aims to provide the key functions you need while eliminating any potential distractions. The Car View shows play and pause, back, skip, and shuffle buttons. It also has a favourite button if a song comes on that you absolutely love.

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It shows all this on a pretty basic interface, without album art or anything like that. The feature can be disabled altogether in the settings menu, if you hate it. Car View is also only available over Bluetooth. So, it wont start with an AUX cord, if that’s what you use to play music in your car.

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Spotify hasn’t released any information about when the feature might be available for iOS users, but Car View should be available now on Android. If you don’t see it in your settings, make sure the Spotify app is updated on your phone.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.