(Pocket-lint) - Spotify could soon give you the option to import songs you have on your smartphone. On Android, at least.

The streaming service has been testing the feature, which gives you the option to listen to your own music stored on your device through the Spotify app. An "import your music" function has been spotted in the settings menu of some subscribers' apps, as highlighted by Twitter user @wongmjane.

It is unlikely this feature will become available to iPhone users, due to the way iOS works. But Apple Music does already integrate tracks stored on an iPhone with streamed music anyway. Indeed, that's one of the features most often highlighted by iOS device users as a reason to subscribe to Apple Music over Spotify.

Spotify is also testing a "saved for later" feature for podcasts. Plus, the podcast menu is being decluttered, while a new style Library view is under test. It will create a playlist from your favourite tracks to listen on or offline.

There's no word when or even if the new features will hit general release. Nor whether any of them are planned for all versions of Spotify.

We'll let you know if and when we find out more.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.