(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has officially released its Apple Watch app after a few weeks of testing.

The music streaming service, which started testing its Apple Watch app earlier this month, has pushed out a first version that offers the ability to play music on the Apple Watch and control how music is played to Spotify Connect-compatible devices. Spotify has also included complications.

The new app doesn't, however, allow you to sync songs for offline playback, and you can’t directly stream songs to the Apple Watch from your phone or LTE on the watch. The app essentially replaces the “Now Playing” screen on the Apple Watch and gives you a refined way to control songs being played on your iPhone or Spotify Connect-compatible devices.

It's important to remember this is version 1 of the app, and Spotify could add plenty of other features down the road. We're disappointed it doesn't support offline playback, considering third-party Apple Watch apps for Spotify do. Such a feature would allow you to go out with your Apple Watch and headphones, leave your iPhone behind, and be able to listen to tunes.

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To be fair, Spotify is saying it will add offline playback support in the future. We just don't know when.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.