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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify is always coming up with ways to deliver recommended and curated music content to your ears and the latest is a rather excellent one.

Called Time Capsule, the personalised playlist picks out around 60 tracks that you would have listened to as you were growing up. It also takes into account your personal listening habits to decide which tracks to serve up.


It's available for every single user aged 16 and over in most of the countries that Spotify operates. Some tracks are selected from playlists you've created yourself, while others are picked from Spotify's extensive catalogue of tunes that it thinks you'll love. 

For the most part, the Your Time Capsule playlist is incredibly accurate, some members of the Pocket-lint team have been loving theirs. However we have noticed that if you don't use Spotify as your main music streaming source, but used to use it, the recommendations aren't as accurate as perhaps they could be.

It's not to say the songs are bad, they're just not our favourites. Although, we doubt many other playlists would combine Slipknot with The Beauty and the Beast soundrack.

To get your own personalised Time Capsule playlist, follow this link, or click the link in the Home or Decades section of Browse within the Spotify app for iOS and Android.

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Writing by Max Langridge.