Spotify has just announced that it will be giving away Google Chromecast devices to users who sign up to its Spotify Premium subscription.

According to the music streaming company, Spotify on Chromecast was one of the most requested features by users. Not only has Spotify integrated the service but it's also giving away the hardware for free.

For a three month Spotify Premium subscription at £30, or $30, users will be given a free Chromecast. Since a Chromecast will set you back about £30, or $30, anyway that's basically giving away Spotify Premium for three months.

What's the catch? This deal will only be running for a limited time. If you want to snap up your free Chromecast with a three month subscription you'll need to do it before 28 February. The deal has already started from today.

For US users follow this Spotify link to the deal and for UK users follow this Spotify link for the deal.

The Chromecast device being given away is the TV friendly one, as opposed to the audio one. This Chromecast plugs into any HDMI input on TVs allowing your to use the speakers as a sound system. Chromecast also allows you to fling media onto the TV from your phone, tablet or computer like Netflix or YouTube videos and more.

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