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(Pocket-lint) - After months of rumours, Spotify has announced it is updating in a big way.

With new rivals like Tidal offering music videos and exclusives, and even more competition likely on the way from Apple, Spotify probably felt it had no choice to find new and alternative means of suiting music to your mood and moment.

So it came up with a plan and has begun rolling it out in the form of an update across some of its mobile players, but that plan doesn't just involve one or two changes; it includes a whole slate of new features that'll transform Spotify.

The features, which we describe below, not only have the potential to keep Spotify dominating in the streaming space, but they'll also give Spotify a new image during a time in which it's been plagued with criticism over its royalty system.

With so many competitors painting Spotify out to be like some sort of greedy giant, it's no wonder that Spotify would want to give itself an overhaul that would keep users on board as well as give it some much-needed momentum.

What is Spotify?

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Spotify is a music streaming service that launched in 2008. You can access the Spotify music player on a range of platforms, including the web, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, OS X, several set-top boxes, and more.

You can learn more about Spotify's existing set of features, as well as how much it costs to use the service, here.

What are the new Spotify features?

Now start page

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Spotify has launched something called the Now start page. It aims to serve up the right music - no matter the time of day: "Need a Monday morning playlist pick-me-up? Done," explained Spotify in a blog post.

The Now start page isn't just about random playlists based on whether it's day or night; it learns what you like over time based on your personal collection, and on top of that, in-house experts will adapt and select recommendations for you.

The Now start page has already begun rolling out to iPhone users in the UK, US, Germany, and Sweden.

Spotify Running

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If you're the type who loves to run while listening to music, you'll be glad to hear Spotify has introduced Spotify Running. It recommends tunes and playlists based on your listening history - all tuned to your tempo.

So, when you start running, Spotify will detect your tempo and match the music in time to your step. It'll also team up with Nike this summer to "bring new music experiences to their audiences around the globe".

You'll even be able to experience the new Spotify Running experience through the Nike+ and RunKeeper apps. Spotify Running has already begun rolling out to iPhone users across the world.


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Following in the footsteps of Tidal, Spotify has announced it is adding video clips and audio shows. That means Spotify could become your go-to for not only music, but also music videos, concerts, podcasts, and more.

Spotify will suggest video and audio shows for you as it learns what you like.

Spotify Originals

Spotify: https://news.spotify.com/us/2015/05/20/say-hello-to-the-most-entertaining-spotify-ever/what s new with the next generation spotify image 13

Spotify isn't just serving up video clips; it's serving up original programming, starting with "Running Originals" in Spotify Running. It has six original tracks designed just for running (they can even dynamically adapt to your running tempo).

Spotify is also introducing exclusive content, such as Dance Move of the Day (produced by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls brand) and specially-curated radio shows (presented by artists like Icona Pop, Jungle, and Tyler the Creator).

And finally, Spotify said it'll also serve up news and video clips from major news sources, including ABC, BBC, Financial Times, Condé Nast Entertainment, Comedy Central, ESPN, Maker Studios, NBC, TED, The Nerdist, and Vice Media.

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Watch the trailers above for more information about the next-generation Spotify. You can also check out Pocket-lint's Spotify hub for all the latest and breaking news from the streaming service.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 20 May 2015.