(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has announced it is changing its smartphone and tablet app platform completely to add video and automated playlist selection that's curated just for you. However, the radio functionality won't just look at your music tastes, it will play songs based on activities or the time of day.

The music streaming service has signed deals with a number of key content providers to not just supply music, but also news and comedy clips that will play into your streamed feed. The new on-the-go service will play music and video seemlessly, depending on what it thinks you'd like to listen to or view in any given situation.

"We hope that it will help Spotify users listen to more music too," said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Partners to sign up from the off include Comedy Central, MTV, the BBC, Adult Swim and the Ted network. Those and others will provide daily clips that will either inform or entertain.

Podcasts could also be involved, as long as they suit your particular mood at the time.

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The new version of Spotify will be available on iPhone first in the UK as well as the US and some other regions from today, with a gradual rollout so you might not get it immediately. It is yet to be revealed whether it is limited to Premium account holders or also with the free version.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.