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(Pocket-lint) - Rumours have been circulating online over the last day or so that Spotify will be ditching its free ad-supported option in favour of a three-month trial to get people to sign up the the premium service. However, Pocket-lint has been informed that they are not true. The current Spotify business model works.

"It's totally fake," a spokesperson told us. "The model is working."

The rumours came after a story appeared in Digital Music Times, which cited sources when claiming that the music industry is behind the pressure for Spotify to change. It was said that several big record labels favoured Apple's approach for an expected Apple Music streaming service, most likely to be announced at WWDC next month.

Apple will allegedly not have a free tier on launch and it was said that the labels would prefer its rivals to take that stance too.

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Digital Music Times claimed that some artists might choose to extend a three month free trial period, a system emerging artists could make the most to have their music listened to by the widest audience possible.

It seems from our digging though that not all labels are of one mind on this. For a start, Stephen Cooper, the head of Warner Music Group, recently warned his company's rivals to "think very carefully" about restricting Spotify's free music tier. Certainly, Spotify itself has no intention to change the way it works or the services it offers anytime soon.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 15 May 2015.