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(Pocket-lint) - OMG. Taylor Swift is now on Tidal.

Swift made headlines last year when she spoke out against Spotify's free tier and pulled her entire music catalogue from the streaming service, but apparently, that doesn't mean she's against people streaming her tunes altogether, as evident by her latest decision to embrace Tidal.

Tidal, if you recall, is owned by Swedish company Aspiro, which Jay Z recently bought for $56 million. Tidal offers up higher-quality streams, but it costs $19.99 per month, almost double the cost of its main competition, including Spotify. If you're willing to pay that amount, you can start streaming all of Swift's music right now. Well, almost...Swift hasn't added her latest hit album, 1989, to the service.

It's worth noting that Aspiro's services are available in dozens of countries across the world, but Tidal only had 17,000 users as of December 2014. We're not sure why Swift would embrace such a small startup, but it might have something to do with Jay Z being behind the service's helm.

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The two appear to be very good friends. The 45-year-old hip-hop music mogul was even seen partying with her and a handful of other celebrities at Swift's 25th birthday in December, about one month after the whole Spotify-Swift controversy went down. That said, Jay Z is also close friends with Kanye West, who notoriously rushed Swift on stage at the Grammy's a few years back and embarrassed himself.

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West and Swift have since made amends, but it's certainly interesting to watch this inner circle in the music industry, especially seeing how they all apparently hang out and help each other. It appears like Swift and Jay Z, for instance, are in cahoots to knock Spotify down a peg.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 25 March 2015.