Spotify has a tonne of features, though some of the fancier ones, such as Spotify Connect, are limited to users who pay up.

Spotify Connect is a relatively new feature (or rather a new button in the Spotify app) that enables you to play tunes from Spotify's catalogue - but through Wi-Fi-connected speakers, TVs, laptops, and other devices. The Spotify app on your mobile device acts as a remote control as well.

You must have a Premium subscription to use Spotify Connect, but before you fork over a fee to Spotify for the ability to stream music to all your devices, make sure you know all about Spotify Connect, the Premium tier, and whether they are worth your time and money.

There have long been three tiers of Spotify listening: Free, Unlimited (£4.99 per month), and Premium (£9.99 per month). They each offer different capabilities and limits, depending upon which device you are using to access Spotify.

Although Unlimited is still available, Spotify is using a new setup. It includes the following plans: Mobile Free, Desktop & Tablet Free, Premium (£9.99 per month), and Spotify Family (up to 50 per cent off Spotify Premium for four people).

Apart from access to Spotify Connect, Spotify's Premium tier lets users play any song they want (on demand), find, play, create, edit, and share playlists, listen to tunes picked by Spotify’s Radio feature, skip tracks, listen offline, play HD music, and more.

Premium doesn't include adverts (whether you're listening on desktop, mobile, or tablet).

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  • Connect all your devices (phone, speaker, TV, computer, etc) to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Sign into the latest version of the Spotify app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  • With the app open, play a song and tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap the Connect icon and select the device ( speaker, PC, etc) you want to play music from.
  • The Connect icon will appear green in the Now Playing bar when sending music to a device.

Note: It’s not possible to control your connected devices from the desktop app for Mac and Windows, but that functionality is coming soon, according to Spotify. It's also not possible for Connect to play local files on any device.

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Your iPhone, iPad, or Android device will be able to use Connect to send music to any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The device can be a speaker, TV, computer, etc, but it must be compatible with Connect.

These manufacturers offer built-in support: Panasonic, Fon, Yamaha, Clint, Nocs, Pioneer, Philips, LG, Argon, Libratone, TP Vision, Sony, Ruark Audio, Bose, NAD, Naim, Amazon, Bluesound, B&O Play, Onkyo, Samsung, Denon, Revo.

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  • You can play music from Spotify's catalogue, through your Wi-Fi connected devices.
  • You can use the Spotify app as a remote, letting you adjust volume, switch tunes, etc.
  • You can instantly switch from a speaker to a laptop, without having to restart a playing song.
  • Your tunes won't stop playing, even if you make calls, watch videos, or go out of Wi-Fi range.
  • You'll get access to "readymade playlists" by Spotify, located under the Browse tab.
  • Spotify said it offers "higher sample rates" to Connect users.
  • You must pay a $9.99-per-month Premium subscription fee for access to Connect.
  • You can only play music from Wi-Fi-connected devices that support Connect (roughly 23 manufacturers on board).
  • It’s not yet possible to control your connected devices from the desktop app.
  • You cannot use Connect to play local files on a device.
  • Spotify now won't support similar features from rivals (such as Google Cast).
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Check out Spotify's webpage for Connect to learn more about the premium feature.