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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has undergone its first major redesign in many a year. The new interface, which launches for iPhone, desktop and web today and will be rolled out to all other platforms soon, adopts a black background and dark theme, counteracting the flat and bright aesthetics recently adopted by Apple, Google and more.

The company has also added two new features to its service: Your Music and an improvement to its Browse functionality, which now delivers "more relevant and localised content".


The black design, Pocket-lint discovered, was partly inspired by trips to the cinema. "Content should take first place in the Spotify experience," we were told by Michelle Kadir, director of product. "Like the lights dim and the movie pops out in the cinema, so does the content. We want to have everything else dimmed out and let the artists' imagery take centre stage."

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However, the design wasn't just shaped around that ethos. Spotify created different "explorations" when looking for a new, platform-agnostic look, but the users themselves resoundingly chose the black theme. And while it doesn't adhere to the current "flat design" way of thinking that has gribbed the tech industry, the new Spotify could help the service stand out amongst the crowd. "It is important to us to have this player identity," explained Kadir.

One user even claimed that the new design made them feel like they were "in a BMW".

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In addition to the dark backgrounds, the typography and iconography have been tweaked, with the latter getting a more rounded effect.

The new Your Music feature adds an additional area on the menu bar for you to save albums or tracks to, when you don't have time to place them in specific playlists yourself. They will be automatically sorted for you, using Spotify algorithms, and you will be able to find your collection easily.

The Browse enhancement now offers curated playlists based on different factors, such as the time of day or day of the week. For example, we were told that a Monday morning playlist could take into account that you are commuting to work for the first time in the week. Or a Friday afternoon playlist might be more party oriented to get you into a weekend mood.

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Spotify's new design will be available globally from today, 2 April. An ad-supported service is available across tablet, mobile and computer, while a premium subscription, while includes offline listening, is available at £9.99 a month.

Writing by Rik Henderson.