Music streaming giant Spotify is hoping to attract students with a new price cut on Tuesday. 

Its Premium service - the top tier with no advertisements and unlimited music - is now priced at $4.99 per month for college students in the US, a cut in half versus the $10 per month everyone else has to pay. 

This is a tactic by Spotify to get users locked into paying early in their life. And since college students are usually on a budget, offering unlimited music at $70 per year might be doable - to go along nicely with all the partying. 

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The offer is meant for any student in college - four year or two year enrollment - and is good for up to four years. Spotify is using service SheerID to verify a user is actually in college and eligible for the price cut. 

In the UK, Spotify has been offering similar for university students for quite sometime, pricing the Premium service at £4.99 per month.