Premium Spotify subscribers who are also wannabe DJs can now download Pacemaker, a free tool that's perfect for them. 

We're not talking about a medical device that maintains your heart rate but rather a Spotify-powered DJ app that is now available in Apple's App Store free of charge. It is optimised for iPad.

Pacemaker allows Spotify Premium subscribers to load, mix and record tracks stored in Spotify's catalogue of 20 million songs. Users can crossfade, sync, loop, blend and preview tracks, among other things. There are even virtual decks for "scratching".

While the Pacemaker app is free, some buried features do cost - many via an in-app purchase. Single effects - such as echo reverb, and the ability remove high or low frequencies - cost $1.99 each, for instance.

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Check out the video below for more details. Spotify has also confirmed that non-Premium subscribers can still use Pacemaker for iPad for a limited time, because it comes with a Spotify Premium trial.