and Spotify are now on the same team. Sort of.

From today, Spotify will allow’s 55 million registered users to access its catalogue of 20 million songs, meaning they'll be able to browse individual tracks, full albums, playlists and recommendations and listen to music on demand. This capability is supported in all Spotify markets.

Spotify is a popular yet still relatively small streaming service, so is probably exploring ways to get more users and widen its marketing footprint. A partnership with is just the thing it would need to accomplish both tasks.

From now on, whenever users play a song, Spotify will appear in the background, with playback controls at the bottom. All grouped tracks on a page will also show up as a Spotify playlist. This type of simple integration means maximum reach potential for Spotify.

READ: Which is the best music streaming service in the UK? Spotify vs Rdio vs Deezer and more users will need to sign up for a Spotify membership or sync their profile with their existing free or premium Spotify account in order to start listening on-demand. That said, the integration currently doesn't work in mobile browsers.