Music streaming service Rdio has revealed that the web version of its service will now be available in the US free of charge, probably in response to Spotify's similar announcement yesterday.

Starting today, you can listen to 20 million songs anywhere there’s a computer, without having to pay for a subscription. But that's not all: Rdio has also added in-stream messaging to Rdio on the web.

Apart from new features, Rdio says ads on the web are now "short and sweet". That means non-paying users will still be subjected to notifications and messages from partner brands, but at least they'll have access to their favourite artists and songs for free.

If you'd like to skip the ads, you can always fork out $9.99 a month for Rdio Unlimited. That's Rdio's ad-free version for both web and mobile. Speaking of mobile, keep in mind that stations are always free on your phone.

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This latest change to Rdio on the web comes just hours after rival Spotify removed a streaming-limit cap for users. Previously, Spotify's free web users received unlimited listening for six months, but were then limited to 2.5 hours of listening a week.