Spotify for iOS has been updated with the ability to stream favourite artists and playlists at no cost, after the company promised in late 2013 free streaming music would come to all devices.

Spotify for Android received free streaming music capabilities last month, but now anyone with an iPhone can listen to artists or playlists in shuffle mode without paying for a Premium subscription. If you tune into an artist, for instance, you will get their songs shuffled and randomly played to your iPhone. You will also have the option to skip - but not select chosen tracks individually.

Similarly, iPad users can play any song they want at any time. Spotify is ad-supported, though playlists and radio-style offerings are a mainstay of the new service. It's able to offer free music streaming capabilities as a result of successful negotiations with major record labels, including Sony, Warner and Universal.

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Smartphone and tablet users previously had to subscribe to a Premium account to play tracks through their devices. But Spotify revealed in December that it would add the same system it employs for its desktop apps to mobile - making limited features available free of charge.