Spotify could soon play host to Pink Floyd's extensive catalogue, if current users stream the iconic "Wish you were here" track 1 million times. Pink Floyd announced the Spotify support via its Twitter page and, judging from Spotify's Pink Floyd page, it still hasn't been unlocked.

EMI owns Pink Floyd's entire catalogue and does hold a contract with Spotify, but until now the record label has held out on allowing Spotify users access to Pink Floyd's music.

Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd's most famous album, has achieved global sales of 50 million copies, an incredible number. Pink Floyd had previously fought against EMI's move to allow individual song purchases via iTunes, rather than full albums. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin still remain off Spotify.

What's most interesting about this move, is that Spotify has offered such a nice half-way house to Pink Floyd. One million plays of any track is plenty and Pink Floyd will certainly be enjoying the social drive that the Spotify challenge is bringing.

For those who want to hear the whole Pink Floyd catalogue, without dishing out plenty of cash on iTunes, you better get streaming. You can find "Wish you were here" on Spotify right now.